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Slider Screen Repair & Screen Repair

Window screens and screen doors are a great thing for homeowners. They allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather while you are inside. However, homeowners with pets, particularly dogs, often have concerns. When your playful pooch sees another dog, a squirrel, or even a person, it can run right through your screen. Upper-level window screens present a particular danger since if your pet jumps through that, they run the risk of experiencing a high fall. What can you do to keep your wonderful pets safe? If you are located in Alpine, CA you can call us. We're Alpine Mobile Screen Repair, and we are ready to discuss pet resistance screens with you. 

Pet resistance screens are much sturdier and stronger than traditional screens, which means that they are much more difficult for your pet to break through. If your pet already managed to break them, then contact us to learn more about our slider screen repair services. They help keep animals that are outside from getting in, which is something else that concerns homeowners. It can be terrifying to find an unknown dog in your home, or even a wild animal. These screens help keep everyone where they should be, whether that means inside or outside the home.

We can install security screens if you are concerned about intruders getting into your home. These screens give you an extra layer of protection. We excel in all manner of screen door repair as well. Don't forgo the benefits of a screen door because it's broken. Contact us for screen door repair, and we'll get right out there to fix it.

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