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Screen Door Replacement & Mobile Window Screen Service

Residents of La Mesa, CA and nearby areas who need screen door replacement services or mobile window screen service, need to look no further than Alpine Mobile Screen Repair. We can come out to your home to replace your screen door, or repair it. We can change the type of screen that you have on the door. Many residents are not aware that you can change out the screen for a different type; one that helps control the amount of sun that is let in. Call us for all your screen door needs, not just screen door replacement services.

Do your window screens have holes and tears in them? Don't avoid opening your windows because of this, and definitely, don't let insects in your home because of it. Our mobile window screen service makes it easy to have screens that are brand new. We can re-screen them for a fraction of what it would cost to buy new screens. Security screens help keep intruders out by making it difficult to get in through the window. If you're concerned about your security, this is a great option for you. Pet resistant screening is much stronger than a traditional screen. It is designed to make it much more difficult for a pet to break through.

We would love to discuss all the available options with you for window screens and screen door replacement options. Once you have all the information, you'll make an educated decision as to which screen type is best for you, and your home. We are fast, dependable, and reasonable. If you need a new screen or screen repair, contact us. We're the best choice in La Mesa, CA.

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